About Us

What started off as a way to connect with our community during the pandemic, a home based coffee cart, Humble House,was born. We served our neighbors and friends with a walk up cart of coffee goods and a place to feel a sense of community where everyone was welcome to enjoy good company and great coffee. At the time this was lacking in our neighborhood. As time went on, things evolved and I wanted to grow the business into something that even more could enjoy. With the lofty goal...No matter where you went you could take the time to enjoy a great cup of coffee and practice a little self care even in this crazy world we live in. This idea grew into the brand, Porter's Voyage.

ORIGIN OF PORTER First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle Englishportour, portur(e), Middle Frenchportour,from Old Frenchporteour,from Late Latinportātōr-(stem ofportātor,a derivative ofportāre“to carry”;

Porter is my maiden name. This concept of enjoying time for self no matter where you are is very important to me. "To carry" with you the goodness of some of life's essentials. "To carry" or "transport" yourself to a place of peace and happiness. You are the PORTER of your life.

WORD ORIGIN FOR VOYAGE: from Old Frenchveiage,from Latinviāticumprovision for travelling, fromviāticusconcerning a journey, fromviaa way. Often voyages.journeys or travels as the subject of a written account, or the account itself:

Voyage. Our life. It is a journey the true sense of a voyage. We like to take account of it by taking photos, sharing videos or telling others about our travels. But your voyage can be so much more. All aspects of your life. Remembering what brings you joy. The sad days and the mundane. All of these contribute to what makes each of us so special. Today your journey could be sitting on the couch and enjoying the view from your bedroom window. Each person is unique and we want you to enjoy your journey at every step.

Porter's Voyage